# Economic
More Productivity
thanks to automation

More Productivity

thanks to automation solutions

The solution for low-personnel manufacturing

  • Economical production by increasing spindle hours for higher productivity
  • RPS: Machine-integrated automation with up to 6 machine pallets in the system
  • PH CELL: Modular pallet handling with up to 40 pallets
  • PH 150: Simple and cost-effective pallet handling for up to 24 pallets
  • PH AGV: Driverless transport system suitable for any hall layout
The entire automation portfolio at a glance!

Technology Cycles

A solution for every application

Complete machining and more

  • Surface quality Ra down to 0.4 µm due to the integration of milling, turning and grinding technology in a single setup
  • Exclusive milling, turning and grinding cycles
  • gearSKIVING – efficient manufacturing process for gears
  • Extended machining options through DMG MORI Technology cycles – e.g. interpolation turning, off-center turning operations or alternating speeds
One click to your solution!


The benchmark in all sectors

The monoBLOCK series has a machine concept for every sector: Be it 5-axis simultaneous machining, highly dynamic high-speed milling, integrated mill-turning, high-torque cutting or the broad field of productive parts machining in 5 axes. With the monoBLOCK machines, every component produced becomes an impressive masterpiece.

The series at a glance

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